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About Fill in the Game

Fill in the Game is an interactive and creative party game that is designed to have endless replay value. It involves using prompt cards to challenge other players to act out a scene or perform basic stunts, and then filling in the blank to add a twist. Players are awarded points for successfully completing the challenge, but if they fail, a Game Changer card is drawn, which can be beneficial to the challenger, detrimental to the player that failed, or affect the entire table.

Fill in the Game is suitable for a wide range of audiences, including families, friends, or colleagues. All of the prompts are family friendly, but keeping it that way is up to the group playing.  The blanks also make it a unique experience every time you play. With its easy-to-learn rules, moments of contagious laughter, and unpredictable outcomes, Fill in the Game is an ideal party game to keep your guests engaged and entertained.

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30-60 Minutes



42 Challenge Cards, 18 Game Changers, 5 Stunt Cards, 2 Instruction Cards, and Endless Replay Value!

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Fill in the Game - The Journey and the Future

Fill in the Game started as an idea that I had after playing many types of party games and finding that they start to become repetitive when you replay them a few times.  I wanted to create a game that would be different every single time you played it.  It started with no name and I made it too complicated, with a board, a bunch of dice, a bunch of rules, and an ending that sometimes took way too long to happen.  I got rid of the board and tried using an 8-sided die instead, but even that was more complicated than it needed to be.  After teaming up with Foolish Media LLC, we got rid of the 8-sided die and streamlined the game to just use cards.  Through playtesting at Con on the Cob 2018 and Origins Game Fair 2019 and at many dining room tables with friends and family, we finally had a good working version of Fill in the Game. 


My wife, Candice, and I then took it to Southern-Fried Gaming Expo 2019 to help advertise for the nearing Kickstarter campaign.  Fill in the Game was selected for the Indie Tabletop Showcase and I managed to cause a lot of fun-filled chaos in the tabletop gaming room over the course of three days and nights.  Out of a total of 12 indie tabletop games in contention, we were honored to receive Best in Show - Indie Tabletop Game at SFGE 2019!

The Kickstarter campaign was funded by backers eager to get their own copy of Fill in the Game and I'm now self-publishing Fill in the Game. 


In 2021, we went back to SFGE and had a great time selling most of the remaining Kickstarter Editions.  Now there's a new edition available that you can buy online, or check out the Where to Buy page for retail stores and events featuring Fill in the Game.

Thanks to my "day job" which involves a lot of travel, Fill in the Game is now in over 60 stores in 16 states!  Thank you to all of the retail stores that have purchased copies of Fill in the Game to sell on their shelves!

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