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Fill in the Game is a small party game with the ambition of having endless replay-ability. In theory it pulls this off, every card challenge is different every time, but in execution after playing a few lengthier games it’ll still get a bit repetitive because the actions stay the same, just the details change. Of course, no game can help that, and this is a really fun party game. There’s a lot of variety within the small package, and if you and your group are limbered up it’ll be a lot of fun. As with most party games it’s more fun if you commit and really let yourself enjoy it. The creativity of it lends itself well to families and children, there is a lot of activity for younger kids to enjoy. However, it’s also got improv so if you want it to be adult themed you’re able to make it that way. If you don’t like being creative their companion app will help you generate ideas, which is really nice. You can find the game on their website, Amazon, and some FLGS (Friendly Local Game Stores)!

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Eruptious Games (review excerpts)

We have all played those types of party games that get boring very quickly and boy did this team find a way to help solve that problem!  Usually party games are for adults(+) but we really enjoy how they created this card game so it can be played with any age group or personality type 🤩

With a ton of cards included in the game and the fact it can be played with basically any group of people, the challenges and hilarity that comes from this little game are pretty much endless. 😀 Fill in the game is bound to hit the table again.

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Board Game Geek comment excerpts

"This game is so much fun! I laughed until I literally cried!"

"Definitely a must buy."

"It only takes a minute to learn but is still challenging every time you play it."

"I've been brought to tears from laughter several times."

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Amazon review excerpts

"We find it to be one of the most fun games to play, either with our grandchildren or adult friends".

"Fill in the Game is a phenomenal, quick to teach, quick to play party card game that is full of fun.  We set up an event at my store and it was an absolute hit.  Great game, great fun, great experience all around.  A definite buy!!"

"When the kids go to bed, we can change the game to more adult humor.  This game is always a hit with kids and adults.  It's fun with the four of us but we really get some laughs when more people join in.  It's also a great size so it's an easy game to travel with!

It's like all the best games in one!

- Eric P.

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